Hello, I'm Jenny Vale, a professional Massage Therapist based in Sheffield UK. I offer holistic and deep tissue massage, as well as Japanese face massage.

Using a variety of techniques and pressures, adapted to individual needs, I encourage relaxation and address areas of tension. I encourage client's to explore and connect with the root causes of bodily tension, and gain a sense of empowerment with this process.

I'm a partner with Move GB, so if you are a member, you can book a massage using one of your weekly credits at a greatly reduced fee. Prices vary depending on what subscription you have, make sure you click view add ons if you search for me on the app.

I'm available for festival's and events, and have worked in various healing areas, including Glastonbury and Boom Town.

If you would like any more information, check out the rest of my website, like my Facebook page, or give me a call - I really enjoy talking to people about my passion! Namaste x